NF3 Detector

Introducing Our Nitrogen Trifluoride (NF3) Gas Detectors: PS-7 (Fixed Installations) and XPS-7II (Portable) 

Nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) is a toxic, inorganic, and colourless gas that poses significant challenges in detection due to its fireproof nature and potent greenhouse effects. NF3 is predominantly used in the semiconductor and electronics manufacturing industries as a fluorine source and requires specialized detection techniques. 

Conventional gas detectors often fail to detect NF3 directly. A pyrolysis process involving a pyrolyzer overcomes this limitation. A decomposer filament is heated to high temperatures within this unit, converting NF3 into detectable NO2 upon contact. 

The pyrolyzer unit is essential for transforming electrochemically inactive gases into detectable forms, enhancing safety and monitoring efficiency. 

The key features of COSMOS PS-7 (Fixed Installations) and XPS-7II (Portable gas detectors) are: 

  • Both models feature an integrated miniaturized pyrolyzer within the sensor unit. 
  • This integration facilitates a more compact and truly portable design and streamlines operations. 
  • The need for routine maintenance is minimized to simple sensor replacements, enhancing operational efficiency. 
  • The built-in pyrolyzer prevents installation or connection errors, ensuring reliable performance. 
  • Our detectors are engineered for increased sensitivity and stability, providing precise and consistent readings. 


For more detailed information on our advanced NF3 gas detection solutions, contact us today. 

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