Gas & Flame Detection, Environment Monitoring

Gas Detector Tubes


Gas Detector Tubes

GASTEC gas detector tubes provide direct concentration readings through calibrated colorimetric scales conveniently printed on the tubes. Using a handheld pump, gas samples are drawn into the tube, and a noticeable color change accurately reflects the gas concentration. 

Our superior colorimetric gas detector tubes are designed for analyzing gases in the air, as well as pollutants in soil and water. With an extensive selection of over 500 tube options suitable for all industries, our high-quality tubes deliver accurate results for various applications. 

Gas detector tubes are especially useful for infrequent gas sampling, offering a practical and economical solution when a continuous gas detection system is unnecessary or not feasible. Experience the simplicity and accuracy of GASTEC gas detector tubes for your gas analysis requirements. 

Gastec Detector Tubes

GASTEC Gas Detector Tubes indicate concentrations directly by way of a calibrated scale printed on …