Gas & Flame Detection

Custom Gas Detection Solutions


Custom Gas Detection Solutions

Minerva boasts a wealth of expertise in engineering and implementing bespoke gas detection systems. Our approach involves collaborating closely with our clients from the initial stages. This enables us to comprehend and pinpoint specific application needs within the country fully. Consequently, we are equipped to devise personalized solutions that are not only effective but also align perfectly with the local requirements and standards. 


Essential Elements: 

  • Control units and alert mechanisms 
  • Equipment for gas sampling and conditioning 
  • Local Human-Machine Interface (HMI) software for on-the-ground observation 
  • Cloud-based software enabling distant supervision 
  • Wireless communication methods for expansive or remote setups 
  • Solar energy-driven systems suitable for isolated areas 
  • Portable gas detection units 


Control panels and alarm systems

  • Comprehensive monitoring of equipment status and alarms 
  • Unified power supply system with backup options 
  • Integration with supplementary alarm devices and systems (such as fire alarms, scrubbers, etc.) 
  • SMS Notification feature for immediate alerts 


Gas sampling and conditioning systems

  • Safeguard gas detection instruments from potential harm caused by unprocessed sample conditions 
  • Effective removal of moisture and particulates from samples 
  • Regulation and cooling of sample line pressure and flow 
  • Guarantee consistent and accurate readings from the gas detectors 


Local and Cloud HMI Interface

Tailored graphic designs and user interfaces for enhanced user experience, with alarm indicators and logging capabilities. Advanced cloud-based monitoring software for accessing data remotely, including SMS and Email notification functionalities. 


Wireless Communication Systems

  • Solar-powered operations 
  • SMS notification features 
  • Portable System Configuration