Remote Asset Monitoring


Remote Asset Monitoring

Unlock the power of Telemetry, M2M, and Internet of Things solutions to optimize your operations, enhance safety, and minimize your carbon footprint.

What is it? 

Our Remote Asset Monitoring System offers cost-effective platforms that enable our customers to remotely monitor data captured by sensors or meters installed within a small area (such as a building or plant premises) or over a larger geography (such as a utility distribution network). 

Complemented by our YAVA Cloud Software, we provide access to field data anytime and anywhere while offering customizable alerts based on user-defined trigger conditions. 

How does it work?



System Architecture

Cost-Effective Monitoring Solution

Our Remote Asset Monitoring solutions are designed to be set up and operational quickly and cost-effectively. 

We employ wireless signal transmission protocols whenever possible, minimizing the need for wired sensor installations and reducing associated costs and inconveniences. There are no capital expenditure (capex) costs for software development, upgrades, or database licenses. Subscribe to our YAVA Cloud Software. Maintenance and hosting costs for dedicated servers are eliminated as our YAVA software operates from our cloud server. As our field engineers will handle these tasks, you won’t need to allocate personnel to maintain sensors and installations. 


  • Capex-free solutions 
  • Remote management of your sites 
  • Reduced logistics and operational costs 
  • Access to data anywhere, anytime 


Our Remote Asset Monitoring solutions apply to various industries and use cases. Some examples include: 

  • Metering 
  • Gas detection 
  • Tank monitoring 
  • Utility network monitoring (pressure, level, flow, etc.) 
  • Environment and indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring (temperature, humidity, light, etc.) 

For more information, please download our introductory brochure [include a link if applicable]. 

Any application that involves measurable data holds the potential for our Remote Asset Monitoring solutions. The possibilities are limitless! Contact us today to explore a customized solution for your business. 

Product Range

Remote Monitoring Intro Brochure

Download our Remotoring Intro Brochure here.

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