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Open Path Gas Detectors


Open Path Gas Detectors

MINERVA presents the SPECTREX line of SafEye open-path gas detectors designed to detect flammable and toxic gases rapidly. These detection systems offer continuous monitoring over expansive areas where individual detectors may not be practical or cost-effective. Our open-path gas detectors utilize advanced optical technology and employ the Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) technique to analyze the atmospheric “spectral fingerprint.” 

The SafEye Quasar 900 is a reliable open-path detection system that continuously monitors combustible hydrocarbon gases. This system consists of a Xenon Flash infrared transmitter and receiver, separated by a line of sight ranging from 7 to 200 meters (about 656.17 ft). It is specifically designed for installation in extremely harsh environments where dust, fog, rain, snow, or vibration can greatly diminish signal strength. With its advanced technology and key features, the SafEye Quasar 900 ensures optimal safety and effective gas detection. 

  • Reliable operation 
  • Resistant to false alarms 
  • Effective performance in any weather conditions 
  • Fail-safe functionality 
  • Integrated data logging feature 
  • Extensive gas library 
  • Easy alignment and commissioning process 
  • Certified for use in hazardous areas 
  • 0-20mA analog output with HART compatibility 
  • RS485 Modbus support, enabling connection of up to 256 detectors 

The Safeye Quasar 950 models are designed to detect toxic Hydrogen Sulfide / Sulphide gas, while the Safeye Quasar 960 models are specifically designed to detect toxic Ammonia gas. These models can detect these gases at up to 60m path lengths. 

The Duct SafEye, Open Path Detectors are designed to detect hazardous, flammable gas concentrations entering turbine engines and HVAC air ducts. In Induct applications, the detectors are highly sensitive, with a full scale of 1 LEL.m for air inlets ranging from 0.6 to 2m wide and a full scale of 2.5 LEL.m for air inlets ranging from 2 to 7m wide. 

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