Remote Asset Monitoring

SMS Alert Notification


SMS Alert Notification

Efficiently manage your assets with real-time SMS notifications. Keep track of your equipment’s status remotely with instant SMS notifications. Notify your team immediately about critical equipment events, such as faults, requiring their attention. Ensure reliable 24/7 operation with unattended monitoring capabilities. 

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Key Features: 

  • Digital inputs enable the monitoring of various parameters and equipment. 
  • Digital and relay outputs allow remote equipment control. 
  • The SMS Notifier is an industrial-grade device designed to continuously monitor the status of your equipment and notify you and your team about events (e.g., faults) that require urgent attention. 
  • The SMS Notifier seamlessly integrates with most equipment through its eight digital inputs. Additionally, its two outputs enable remote equipment control via SMS. 


Event Definition: 

  • Define single or combined input statuses as events to trigger notifications to selected recipients. 

SMS Content: 

  • Customize SMS notifications for specific event conditions according to your business needs. 

SMS Quantity & Intervals: 

  • Customize the number of SMS notifications and their intervals until an acknowledgment is received from the recipient. 
  • Set up backup recipient alerts if the original recipient fails to acknowledge received SMS notifications. 

Remote Output Control: 

  • Activate digital and relay outputs remotely using SMS commands. 
  • Pre-set specific activation/deactivation times for each output. 

Remote Status Query: 

  • Send an SMS to check the status of the inputs. 

Scheduled System Check: 

  • The scheduling system checks SMS notifications to be sent at predefined times, ensuring the Notifier is online and operational. 

Power Failure Notification: 

  • In the event of a power supply failure to the Notifier, the built-in backup battery allows it to send an SMS notifying you of the power outage.