Remote Asset Monitoring

Remote Tank Monitoring and Change-Over


Remote Tank Monitoring and Change-Over

Minerva offers comprehensive solutions for effective inventory management, tank-level monitoring, and change-over valve automation. Whether you are an end-user or a resource distributor in industries such as Oil, Gas, or Chemicals, our solutions help optimize inventory levels, streamline re-filling processes, and enhance customer service and satisfaction. 

    • Sensors installed on tanks send real-time inventory-level data to an off-site server. 
    • Access inventory data conveniently through our YAVA cloud software using an internet connection. 
    • Receive timely notifications via SMS or email for re-fill trigger levels. 
    • Wireless system architecture reduces installation costs. 


    • Eliminate manual tank level readings. 
    • Gain insights into consumption patterns to avoid product runouts. 
    • Optimize logistics for re-fill requests and delivery arrangements. 
    • Enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty through improved logistics management. 

Change-over Valve Monitoring and Control 

  • Our solutions include automation of changeover valve switching based on user requirements. 
  • Monitor changeover valve positions through our YAVA cloud software. 

Who Uses It? 


  • Improve inventory and procurement management. 

Route planning and logistics departments: 

  • Utilize data to optimize delivery planning and routes, reducing carbon emissions. 

Customer service departments: 

  • Proactively engage customers with low inventory levels and automate ordering processes using the data. 

Accounting departments: 

  • Analyse accurate tank inventory and export data to ERP or accounting software. 

For more information about our tank monitoring solution, please download our brochure.