Flow Metering

Water Meters (Electromagnetic / Ultrasonic)


Water Meters (Electromagnetic / Ultrasonic)

Discover MINERVA’s cutting-edge SENSUS range of in-line electronic water flow meters with advanced features to meet your water measurement needs. 

Key Benefits of Electronic Water Flow Meters 

  1. No Moving Parts: These meters are designed without moving parts, making them highly resistant to damage caused by debris or water hammers. This ensures consistent and reliable performance over time. 
  2. Digital Display: The electronic flow meters have a digital display, enabling the calculation and real-time display of instantaneous flow rates for quick and easy monitoring. 
  3. Battery-Operated Options: Enjoy the flexibility of battery-operated models, which offer a lower installation cost without compromising accuracy. 
  4. Wireless Transmitters: Some models integrate in-built wireless transmitters, allowing seamless connection to wireless automatic meter reading networks. This enables efficient data collection and remote monitoring capabilities. 

We proudly offer customized solutions for Remote Meter Reading and Automated Meter Reading tailored to your specific requirements. 

Upgrade your flow measurement capabilities with MINERVA’s electronic water flow meters, featuring cutting-edge technology for accurate and hassle-free water monitoring. Contact us now to explore how these meters can enhance efficiency and convenience in your water management systems. 

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