Flow Metering




MINERVA proudly offers a range of high-quality rotameters designed to meet diverse applications with precision and reliability. Our rotameters are tailored for various tasks, such as metering carrier gases in chromatography, indicating and controlling gases in manufacturing processes, liquid and gas measurement in laboratories, pilot plants, flow and level indicating, and more. 

Our Rotameters are available in single-tube or multi-tube configurations, allowing you to choose the setup that best suits your needs. The options include graduated scales for direct reading, built-in flow control valves, and kits for panel or non-panel mount configurations, allowing for easy and convenient installation. 

For robust and heavy-duty applications, our heavy-duty rotameters are the ideal choice. Encased in a durable brushed stainless-steel case and with thick polycarbonate safety shields, they ensure safe and reliable operation, making them well-suited for industrial applications requiring flowrate measurement for air and water. 

Experience the accuracy and versatility of our rotameters, designed to deliver precise measurements and control of gases and liquids. MINERVA’s rotameters offer the reliability and performance you need for laboratory experiments, manufacturing processes, or industrial applications. 

M Rotameters/ 1/2″ to 2″

M series rotameters are heavy-duty flow meters fully enclosed in a brushed stainless steel case with …

P Rotameters

P series rotameters are economical, designed for low flow rates in the measurement of air, water and …