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Semiconductor Manufacturing / Specialty Gas Detectors


Semiconductor Manufacturing / Specialty Gas Detectors

MINERVA proudly presents COSMOS gas detectors by New Cosmos Electric, a renowned Japanese gas detection and alarm system manufacturer. These portable detectors are equipped with state-of-the-art sensors designed by New Cosmos Electric, ensuring rapid and accurate gas leak detection. With high precision, these detectors accurately display the detected gas concentration and provide visual and audible alarms to alert the user promptly. 

COSMOS specializes in providing gas detectors tailored to the semiconductor, photovoltaic, and electronics manufacturing sectors. These industries heavily rely on various specialty gases and chemicals in their production processes. 

Our XPS-7II portable gas detectors and PS-7 fixed gas detector transmitters utilize pre-calibrated plug & play gas sensors, offering a multitude of benefits: 

  1. Cost Savings and Flexibility: The detector can be easily used with different gas sensors, resulting in cost savings for the owner. This is particularly advantageous when gas detection requirements change due to updates in production processes. 
  2. Calibration-Free Operation: Pre-calibrated sensors eliminate the need for calibration gases on-site, minimizing the risk of contamination in clean-room production environments. 

Additionally, the PS-7 is available in various configurations, including: 

  1. PS-7-05 gas sensor with an in-built pyrolyzer designed for NF3 detection. 
  2. PS-7-M with enhanced power and signal communication capabilities, supporting PoE, Ethernet, and Modbus RTU (RS-485). 

COSMOS gas detectors offer cutting-edge technology to enhance safety and efficiency in various manufacturing environments, ensuring reliable gas leak detection for critical applications. 

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