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Cosmos XP-702III Super Sensitive Combustible Gas and Freon Detector – Portable Gas Detector


Cosmos XP-702III Super Sensitive Combustible Gas and Freon Detector – Portable Gas Detector

The XP-702III Series gas detectors are highly effective tools for quickly detecting trace leaks with exceptional sensitivity, making them ideal for leak detection in liquid and gas systems. These detectors offer a user-friendly alarm feature that varies in frequency based on the detected gas concentration, ranging from intermittent to continuous alarms. They come with an integrated gas sampling pump as a standard feature. 

The XP-702III detectors are available in single and dual gas models with a switchover knob. They are suitable for detecting flammable gases and CFC substitutes. 


Technical Data 

Selectable Sensitivity Level 

Minimum Detectable Concentration: 

  • City Gas, LPG, etc.: 10ppm 
  • CFCs: 30ppm 

Standard Accessories Include: 

  • Probe with Filter/Moisture Trap 
  • Check Gas 
  • Hand Strap 
  • 3 x AA Alkaline Batteries 
  • Spare Filters 

Optional Accessories Include: 

  • Earphones 
  • Telescopic Sampling Probes 
  • Sampling Attachments 

Response Time: 3 seconds or less 

Dimensions (in mm): W60 x H140 x D40 (excluding probe) 

Weight: Approximately 260g (excluding batteries) 

The XP-702III detectors offer selectable sensitivity levels and can detect trace concentrations of flammable gases and CFC substitutes. With their integrated gas sampling pump and quick response time, these detectors are an excellent choice for various applications, including leak detection in gas and liquid systems. The standard accessories ensure convenience and ease of use, while optional accessories allow further customization based on specific requirements. 

 Model  Gas Detected 
XP-702III-B  One type of combustible gas 
XP-702III-A  Two types of combustible gas 
XP-702III-F  One type of combustible gas and CFCs