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New Cosmos PD-12 Ex-proof Suction Type


New Cosmos PD-12 Ex-proof Suction Type

The PD-12 Series offers suction-type detectors with integrated readout displays. These lightweight units are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. 

Available in various models, the detectors are designed to detect combustible gases and CFCs across different ranges. 

Equipped with digital and analog outputs, the detectors allow seamless interfacing with a central supervisory system, making them highly suitable for larger applications. 

Technical Data 

External Output: 

  • Gas Concentration Analog Signal: 4 to 20mA DC (common to the negative line of the power supply) 
  • Gas Alarm Contact: 1a non-voltage relay contact/non-latching 

Rated Load: 0.5A at 250V AC or 0.5A at 30V DC. 

Display: 4-digit digital LED display with Gas Alarm Warning Light (red) and Trouble Warning Light (yellow) 

Power Supply: 24V DC 

The PD-12 Ex-proof Suction Type detectors offer versatility and reliability for gas detection in hazardous environments. Their integrated features and robust design ensure accurate monitoring and timely alerts, enhancing safety and protection in diverse industrial settings. 

Model  Sensor Type  Target Gas 
PD-12A  Hot-wire Semiconductor  Combustible, CFC 
PD-12B  Catalytic Combustion  Combustible, CFC 
PD-12C  Thermal Conductivity  Combustible