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Sensus AN130 Multi-Jet Meter / 130 degC / DN15 to DN40


Sensus AN130 Multi-Jet Meter / 130 degC / DN15 to DN40

The AN130 multi-jet water meters are specifically designed for hot water applications, capable of handling temperatures up to 130°C. These meters are available with threaded or flanged connections, providing versatility for various installations. As a standard feature, the meter has a pulse output for convenient data monitoring. 

Technical Data
  • Nominal Pressure: The AN130 multi-jet meter can handle up to 16 Bar pressures. For special applications requiring higher pressure resistance, there is a 25 Bar version available. 
  • Working Temperature: Designed for hot water applications, the AN130 meter (about 426.51 ft) can accurately measure temperatures ranging from 10°C to 130°C. This makes it suitable for various hot water systems and processes. 
  • Pulse Value: The meter is equipped with a reed pulse with a pulse value of 10 liters per pulse. This pulse output allows easy integration with remote monitoring systems, making it a practical choice for automated data collection. 

The AN130 Multi-Jet Meter is an excellent solution for measuring hot water consumption in various settings, including industrial processes, heating systems, and other applications requiring precise hot water metering. Its ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures ensures reliable and accurate performance. 

DN(mm)  20  20  25  25  40 
Qn(m3/hr)  1.5  2.5  3.5  10 
Qmax(m3/hr)  12  20 
Qmin(l/hr)  30  50  70  120  200 
Qt(l/hr)  120  200  280  400  800