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Cosmos XP-329IIIR Portable Odor Monitor


Cosmos XP-329IIIR Portable Odor Monitor

The XP-329IIR is a versatile instrument that is used to objectively determine the odor intensity of an environment or specific substance/s. Compared to using the human nose which gives inconsistent and subjective results especially between different persons, this instrument is used to objectively determine odor intensity.

Standard features of the instrument include:

  • Ease of operation and readout from LCD display with backlight feature
  • Integrated gas sampling pump
  • Built-in activated carbon filter gas flow path to obtain zero-odor reference settings
  • Monitoring mode: Continuous or Batching
  • Data logging with dedicated PC download software
  • Compact and lightweight

The XP-329IIR is suitable as a quality control tool for product manufacturing processes or for OSH (occupational safety & health) applications.

Examples include verification of the performance of air purifiers and deodorizing equipment & quality control of various foods, spices, perfumes etc.

Technical Data

  • Measuring Range: 0 – 2,000 units (empirical)
  • External Outputs:
    • Analog output: DC 0 ~ 200 mV
    • Digital Input / Output: RS232C
  • Dimensions (in mm): W84 X H275 X D40
  • Weight: Approx. 640g
  • Standard accessories include:
    • Carry case
    • AC adapter etc.
    • Gas sampling attachments