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Sensus WP-QF Turbine Meter / DN500 to DN800


Sensus WP-QF Turbine Meter / DN500 to DN800

The WP-QF turbine meter is designed for water transmission pipelines and network monitoring applications. It is available in sizes ranging from 20 inches (DN500) to 32 inches (DN800), providing a wide range of options to suit different pipeline requirements. The meter’s robust construction includes a choice of either cast iron or welded steel body, ensuring durability and reliability in various installation environments. With a rating of PN16, the meter can handle water transmission pressures effectively, providing accurate and consistent measurements. 

Technical Data 

  • Available Sizes: The WP-QF turbine meter is available in various sizes, including 500mm (DN500), 600mm (DN600), 700mm (DN700), and 800mm (DN800), enabling flexibility in choosing the appropriate meter size to match the specific pipeline requirements. 
  • Installation Positions: The meter can be installed in horizontal, vertical, or diagonal positions, allowing for versatile installation options and adaptability to different pipeline configurations. 
  • Nominal Pressure: The meter is designed to operate at a nominal pressure of 16 Bar, ensuring its suitability for water transmission pipelines and network monitoring applications. 
  • Working Temperature: The WP-QF turbine meter can measure water flow rates at up to 50°C, making it suitable for various temperature conditions. 
  • Pulse Units Options: The meter can be fitted with R 01 or OP 01 Pulse units, offering pulse output connectivity for integration with external monitoring devices. 

The WP-QF turbine meter provides reliable and accurate measurements in water transmission pipelines, enabling efficient network monitoring and water resource management. Its durable construction and various size options make it a practical choice for large-scale applications. Additionally, the availability of pulse units allows for easy data collection and integration with external monitoring systems, enhancing its monitoring capabilities.