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Sensus 405S Multi-jet Meter / DN15 to DN40


Sensus 405S Multi-jet Meter / DN15 to DN40

The 405S meters are sturdy multi-jet meters designed for various commercial and industrial metering applications. These meters can be equipped with an HRI pulse or communication unit, enabling seamless integration with external monitoring devices and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) networks. 

Technical Data 

Nominal Pressure: 16 Bar 

Available Options: 

  1. HRI Pulse Unit 
  2. HRI Data Unit 

The 405S multi-jet meters are engineered to withstand robust usage and are well-suited for various commercial and industrial metering needs. With a nominal pressure rating of 16 Bar, these meters can accurately measure water flow in demanding applications. 

For enhanced functionality and data communication, the meters offer two available options: 

  1. HRI Pulse Unit: This option allows the meter to generate pulse outputs, enabling easy integration with external monitoring devices. The pulse output can be utilized for various applications, including data recording and flow monitoring systems. 
  2. HRI Data Unit: With this option, the meter has a data unit that facilitates communication with external devices and AMR networks. This feature streamlines meter data collection, making it efficient and accurate. 

The 405S multi-jet meter provides reliable and accurate water metering for commercial and industrial settings. Their ability to integrate with external monitoring devices and AMR networks makes them an excellent choice for applications where data collection and remote monitoring are essential. 


DN(mm)  15  20  25  30  40 
Qn(m3/hr)  1.5  2.5  3.5  10 
Qmax(m3/hr)  12  20 
Qmin(l/hr)  30  50  70  120  200 
Qt(l/hr)  120  200  280  480  800 
Length(mm)  170  190  260  260  300 
Weight(kg)  0.9  1.1  2.3  2.3  4.3