Flow Metering | PLEXOR Inspection System for Gas Metering and Pressure Regulating Stations

PLEXOR System Couplings


PLEXOR System Couplings

The PLEXOR System Couplings are a unique and innovative solution specifically developed to connect the PLEXOR test device to a gas station. These couplings comprise two parts, with one part permanently installed at the measuring and test positions within the gas station infrastructure. The other part is connected to the PLEXOR test device via a flexible stainless-steel hose. 

Ease of use is a key feature of these system couplings. A union nut makes the process of connecting and disconnecting simple and safe. Importantly, there’s no risk of gas leakage during these operations. Once disconnected, the system couplings automatically revert to their operational position. 

Technical Details 

  • System couplings come with an integrated 3/2 function for test positions 
  • Separate system couplings for measuring positions 
  • System couplings designed for feeding the PLEXOR test device 
  • Error-free operation during the connection process 
  • Throughput in line for use in association with the PLEXOR test device 
  • Operating pressures can reach up to 100 bar 
  • Constructed from durable stainless steel and anodized aluminum 
  • Holds a DVGW certificate 

The PLEXOR system also includes a diagnostic and measuring component, and a wireless communication system, making it an advanced inspection system for pressure regulating stations. The digital pressure gauges within PLEXOR transmit their measured data to the i.roc® wireless device via Bluetooth, thus optimizing the maintenance of pressure regulating stations.