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Sensus 420PC High Accuracy Multi-jet Meter / DN15 to DN40


Sensus 420PC High Accuracy Multi-jet Meter / DN15 to DN40

The 420PC is a highly accurate, multi-jet residential water meter that has received approval from the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). The 420PC is a reliable wet dial meter suitable for residential applications and is designed to withstand varying water qualities. 

Key Features: 

  1. AMR Compatibility: The 420PC is compatible with Automated Meter Reading (AMR) systems, making it easy to integrate into modern smart metering networks. Its oversized identification plate and large 5-drum digits ensure excellent legibility without the risk of condensation obstructing the view. 
  2. Low Starting Flow Rate: The meter’s starting flow rate is low to the balanced force and upward movement of water in the injection box. This allows for precise metering, even at low flow rates, ensuring accurate billing and consumption monitoring. 
  3. High Protection: The 420PC meter offers robust protection against various factors, including corrosion, water hammer, pressure, and heat. Its construction incorporates high-quality copper alloy and a thick polycarbonate window. The internal components are made of high-grade polymers designed to maintain the meter’s performance over time. 
  4. Turbine Design: The turbine inside the meter is supported by sapphire, preventing shaft wear and ensuring the longevity of the meter’s accuracy. 
  5. Double Filtration: The injection box features a surface finish that prevents deposits from forming. At the same time, the pipe strainer and seat filter provide double filtration, preventing foreign bodies from passing through the mechanism. 
Technical Data: 
  • Low-starting flow rate 
  • PN 16 rating, suitable for challenging network conditions 
  • It can be equipped with an HRI sensor for remote reading 
  • Available in sizes ranging from DN 15 to DN 40 
  • Compliant with OIML R49, ISO 4064/1-1977, and PN-ISO 14154 standards 
  • Approved for the horizontal position according to MID SK 08-MI001-SMU/003 

The 420PC High Accuracy Multi-jet Meter is ideal for residential water metering, providing precise measurements, durability, and compatibility with advanced metering systems. 

DN(mm)  15  20  25  32  40 
Qn(m3/hr)  2.5  6.3  10  16 
Qmax(m3/hr)  3.125  7.875  12.5  20 
Qmin(l/hr)  16  25  39  63  100 
Qt(l/hr)  25  40  100  160