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Cosmos XP-308B for Formaldehyde – Portable Gas Detector


Cosmos XP-308B for Formaldehyde – Portable Gas Detector

The XP-308B is a highly advanced, user-friendly portable gas detector for formaldehyde measurements. It offers a range of features that make it efficient and convenient for various applications. The primary features of the XP-308B are as follows: 

  • No need to replace reagents for each measurement, simplifying the operation and reducing maintenance requirements. 
  • Measurement units can be switched between mg/m3 and ppm, providing flexibility in data interpretation. 
  • Measurement time can be adjusted to 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes, allowing for customized monitoring durations. 
  • Fully automatic operation through easy-to-use operation buttons, ensuring hassle-free measurements. 
  • Capability to store up to 32 cases of measuring results for record-keeping and analysis. 
  • Reduced influence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with the DNPH filter. 


Technical Data 

Dimensions (in mm): W175 X H140 X D86 

Weight: Approximately 2.5kg 


Standard Accessories: 

  • 3 x DNPH Filters 
  • 6 x C manganese dry cells 
  • Soft case for convenient storage and transportation 
  • Sampling tube for efficient gas collection 
  • Filter Elements for replacement 


  • External output cable for data transmission 
  • AC adaptor for continuous power supply 

The XP-308B is a reliable and efficient tool for formaldehyde measurement, offering precise and accurate results. Its user-friendly design and various features make it suitable for various industry applications.