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New Cosmos Fixed Gas Detector KD-12 Ex-proof Structure


New Cosmos Fixed Gas Detector KD-12 Ex-proof Structure

The KD-12 Ex-proof structure offers diffusion-type detectors with integrated sensing elements and readout displays. These compact and lightweight units are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. 

The detectors are available in different models, designed to detect various types of gas, including Flammables, Toxic Gases, and Oxygen. 

Equipped with digital and analog outputs, the detectors allow seamless interfacing with a central supervisory system, making them ideal for larger applications. 

Technical Data 

External Output: 

  • Gas Concentration Analog Signal: 4 to 20mA DC (common to the negative line of the power supply) 
  • Gas Alarm Contact: 1a non-voltage relay contact/non-latching 

Rated Load: 0.5A at 250V AC or 0.5A at 30V DC. 

Display: 4-digit digital LED display with Gas Alarm Warning Light (red) and Trouble Warning Light (yellow) 

Power Supply: 24V DC 

The KD-12 Ex-proof Structure provides efficient gas detection capabilities for hazardous environments, ensuring safety and reliability in various industrial settings. Its integration of advanced features and robust design makes it a trusted choice for detecting gas leaks and ensuring the well-being of personnel and facilities. 

Model  Sensor Type  Target Gas 
KD-12A  Hot-wire Semiconductor  Combustible/Toxic 
KD-12B  Catalytic Combustion  Combustible/Toxic 
KD-12C  Thermal Conductivity  Hydrogen, Helium, Carbon Dioxide 
KD-12D  Electrochemical Cell  Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide 
KD-12O  Galvanic Cell  Oxygen 
KD-12R  NDIR  Methane & LPG