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Sensus Meistream Plus Turbine Meter / High Accuracy / 50degC / DN40 to DN300


Sensus Meistream Plus Turbine Meter / High Accuracy / 50degC / DN40 to DN300

The Meistream Plus turbine meter is a high-precision water meter specifically designed for accurate and reliable measurements, making it well-suited for custody transfer applications. It provides precise readings, meeting the stringent requirements for custody transfer scenarios. The meter’s robust construction includes a powder-coated cast iron body, ensuring durability and performance even in demanding environments. It is rated to PN16, allowing it to handle high-pressure water supply systems effectively. The meter’s measuring element is also easily replaceable, providing convenient maintenance and reducing downtime. 

Technical Data
  • High Overload Capability: The Meistream Plus turbine meter is engineered with a high overload capability, allowing it to measure water flow rates during fluctuating conditions accurately. 
  • Meter Body Options: The meter is available in two overall lengths: short (WP) and long (WS), according to DIN 19625 and EN 14154, offering flexibility in installation and adaptability to space constraints. 
  • Temperature Resistant Materials: The meter’s components are made of temperature-resistant materials, capable of handling water temperatures up to 70°C, ensuring accurate measurements under various temperature conditions. 
  • HRI-Mei Pick-Up Ready: The meter’s register is prepared for HRI-Mei pick-up, simplifying integration with external monitoring systems and enabling remote data collection. 
  • Optical Pulsers Compatibility: The Meistream Plus turbine meter is compatible with optical pulses type OD, providing options for pulse output connectivity to external monitoring devices. 

With its high accuracy, sturdy construction, and excellent performance, the Meistream Plus turbine meter is an ideal solution for applications that require precise water metering, such as custody transfer scenarios. It ensures accurate billing and measurement, giving you peace of mind in critical water measurement processes.