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Cosmos XP-3380II-E O2 Monitor for High Temperature/Flue Gas – Portable Gas Detector


Cosmos XP-3380II-E O2 Monitor for High Temperature/Flue Gas – Portable Gas Detector

The XP-3380II-E detectors are compact and lightweight, specially designed for displaying oxygen gas concentrations in high-temperature or flue gas applications. The full-color LCD, with a backlight feature, shows digital and analog readings for easy and fast interpretation. 

Key Features 

  • Cooling Probe for High-Temperature Applications: The XP-3380II-E detector has a cooling probe suitable for applications with temperatures up to 180°C. 
  • Measuring Range: The XP-3380II-E detector can measure Oxygen concentrations in the range of 0 – 25 % VOL. 
  • Powerful Built-in Sampling Pump: Equipped with a robust built-in sampling pump, the XP-3380II-E can draw air samples from up to 30 meters. 
  • Extended Battery Life: The detector’s extended battery life allows continuous usage of up to 30 hours. 
  • Robust Housing and Accessories: The detector’s housing is designed to withstand demanding environments. It has a quick-connect sampling hose, probe, and dust/moisture trap for reliable performance. 
  • Audible and Visual Alarms: Audible and visual alarms provide immediate alerts in case of deviations in Oxygen concentrations. 
  • Full-Color LCD: The full-color LCD enhances the visibility and readability of the gas concentration readings. 
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The XP-3380II-E includes Bluetooth connectivity, enabling mobile phones or PCs connection. A free mobile app is available for real-time monitoring and data logging. 

The XP-3380II-E detector is part of the XP-3300II Series, offering other models in single and dual-gas versions with simultaneous displays. 


Technical Data

Dimensions (in mm): W91 x H164 x D44 

Weight: 460g (about 1.01 lb.), including batteries 

Standard Accessories: 

  • Soft Case 
  • 4 x AA Alkaline batteries 
  • 1m Gas Sampling Hose 
  • Probe with Filter/Moisture Trap 
  • Spare Filters 


  • 2-10m Gas Sampling Hose, Curled probe 
  • Data Logging 
  • AC Adaptor 

The XP-3380II-E O2 Monitor is designed for reliable and accurate Oxygen concentration measurements in high-temperature or flue gas environments. Its cooling probe and Bluetooth connectivity make it an ideal solution for demanding applications. The included mobile app allows for convenient real-time monitoring and data recording. 

Model  Gas Detected  Range 
XP-3310II  Combustibles  0-100% LEL 
XP-3360II  Combustibles  0-5000ppm
XP-3360II-W  Combustibles  0-100% LEL
(enable to display in ppm) 
XP-3380II  Oxygen  0-25% Vol 
XP-3318II  Combustibles & Oxygen  0-100% LEL
0-25% Vol 
XP-3368II  Combustibles & Oxygen  0-5000ppm
0-25% Vol 
XP-3368II-W  Combustibles & Oxygen  0-100% LEL
(enable to display in ppm)
0-25% Vol 
XP-3340II  Flammable gas / Carbon Dioxide / Inert Gas  0-100% Vol