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Gastec Detector Tubes


Gastec Detector Tubes

GASTEC Gas Detector Tubes 

GASTEC Gas Detector Tubes offer a direct and reliable method to measure gas concentrations using a calibrated scale printed on the tubes. These high-quality colorimetric tubes are suitable for analyzing airborne gases/vapors and pollutants in soil and water. With over 500 different applications, they cater to various industry sectors. 

Key Features: 

  1. Easy On-site Measurements: Perform quick on-site measurements with ease. 
  2. Short-term or Long-term Measurement: Detector tubes are available for short-term and long-term (time-weighted) measurements. 
  3. Direct Reading: Obtain easy-to-check direct readings with the calibrated scale directly printed on the tube. 
  4. Adjustable Measuring Range: Achieve an extensive measuring range by adjusting the sampling volume. 
  5. Long Shelf-life and Stability: Enjoy a long shelf-life with excellent long-term stability, ensuring accurate results. 

GASTEC Gas Detector Tubes provide a practical and efficient solution for gas analysis in various applications across different industries.