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Sensus WP Dynamic Turbine Meter / 50degC / DN40 to DN400


Sensus WP Dynamic Turbine Meter / 50degC / DN40 to DN400

The Meistream turbine meter is specifically designed for precisely measuring and billing cold potable water with temperatures up to 50°C. Its versatile capabilities allow it to accurately measure high flow rates in pumped pipes and low flow rates during light load periods. Additionally, it serves as an effective tool for leakage detection. 

Technical Data
  • MID Pattern Approval: The Meistream turbine meter is approved according to the MID (Measurement Instruments Directive) pattern, ensuring compliance with European metrological standards. 
  • Exchangeable Metrological Unit: The meter comes with an exchangeable metrological unit approved by MID, further ensuring measurement accuracy and reliability. 
  • Unique Measuring Range: The meter boasts a unique measuring range, with Q3/Q1 ≥ 100, making it suitable for a wide range of flow rates and applications. 
  • High Overload Capability: It is engineered to handle high overload capacity, ensuring accurate readings even during fluctuating water flow conditions. 
  • No Straight Inlet Length Required: The meter’s design eliminates the need for a straight inlet length (U0D0 according to OIML R49:2013 and ISO 4064-1:2017), providing installation flexibility. 
  • Installation Position: The Meistream turbine meter can be installed horizontally and vertically, adapting to various installation setups. 
  • Meter Body Options: The meter has two overall lengths: short (WP) and long (WS), according to DIN 19625 and ISO 4064-1:2017, catering to different space requirements. 
  • Submersible and IP68 Protection: The meter, with a high protection class of IP68, is designed for submersion, ensuring its durability and reliability even in challenging environments. 
  • Temperature Resistant Materials: The meter’s components are temperature-resistant, enabling it to handle water temperatures up to 70°C. 
  • HRI-Mei Pick-Up Ready: The meter’s register is prepared for HRI-Mei pick-up, allowing for easy integration with external monitoring systems. 
  • Optical Pulsers Compatibility: The Meistream turbine meter retains compatibility with optical pulses type OD, providing flexibility in pulse output options. 

With its accurate measurement capabilities, versatile features, and robust construction, the Meistream turbine meter is an ideal solution for precise water billing, leakage detection, and reliable water flow monitoring in various industrial, commercial, and residential settings.