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Sensus Residia Jet Single Jet Meter / DN15 to DN20


Sensus Residia Jet Single Jet Meter / DN15 to DN20

The Residia Jet meters are cost-effective single-jet water meters ideal for indoor applications. These meters are designed with the capability to be equipped with a modular communication register, allowing seamless integration with Automated Meter Reading (AMR) networks. 


Body: Brass, Nickel plated 

Impeller: Plastic  

Impeller Shaft: Bronze 

Annular Magnets: Ceramic 

Gears and Drives: Plastic  

Cowl: Plastic 

Pressure Plate: Steel 

Technical Data 

Nominal Pressure: 10 Bar  

Maximum Working Temperature:  

  • Cold: 30 degrees Celsius 
  • Hot: 90 degrees Celsius 

Optional Accessories: 

  1. Base R, radio module 
  2. Residia-M, M-Bus module 
  3. Residia-P, Pulse module 

Available Sizes: 

  • 1.5″  
  • 2.5″ 

The Residia Jet single jet meters are crafted with high-quality materials such as brass, nickel-plated for the body, and plastic for the impeller and gears. The impeller shaft is bronze, while the annular magnets are ceramic. These components ensure the meter’s durability and accurate water flow measurement. 

With a nominal pressure rating of 10 Bar, these meters are well-suited to handle varying water pressures in indoor settings. The Residia Jet meters can handle cold water temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius and hot water temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius. 

For enhanced functionality, the meters offer optional accessories like the Base R radio, Residia-M M-Bus, and Residia-P Pulse modules, enabling easy integration into AMR networks for efficient data collection. 

The Residia Jet meters are available in two sizes: 1.5″ and 2.5″, providing flexibility to meet specific application requirements. 

These meters provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for measuring water consumption in indoor environments. With the capability to integrate with AMR networks, they offer convenience and accuracy in monitoring water usage. 

Available Flowrates: 

Qn(m3/h)  1  1.5  2.5 
Qmax (m3/h)  2  3  5 
Qt (l/h)  80  120  200