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Cosmos XA-4000II for Combustible Gas, O2, CO & H2S Personal Gas Detector


Cosmos XA-4000II for Combustible Gas, O2, CO & H2S Personal Gas Detector

The XA-4000II Series offers a range of robust and versatile personal gas detectors. Depending on the chosen model, these detectors are available for two, three, or four gas applications, making them suitable for various monitoring needs. They are particularly well-suited for confined space applications, and with the attachable pump, pre-entry checks into confined spaces can be conducted. 

Designed to be compact and lightweight for personal use, these detectors can be customized with additional features such as a gas sampling pump, sampling hose, and probe complete with dust and moisture traps. 

The possible combinations of gases that can be detected include: 

  1. Combustible Gas 
  2. Oxygen (O2) 
  3. Carbon Monoxide (CO) 
  4. Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) 

The XA-4000II personal gas detectors provide reliable and comprehensive gas monitoring solutions for various environments, ensuring the safety of individuals in confined spaces and hazardous areas. 

  Model  LEL  O2  H2S 
4-gas  XA-4400II       
3-gas  XA-4300IIKHS       
2-gas  XA-4200IIKS        

Technical Data 

Model  XA-4400II 
Target Gas  Combustible Gas  Oxygen  Hydrogen Sulfide  Carbon Monoxide 
Detection Range  0-100%LEL  0-25%Vol  0-30ppm  0-300ppm 
Resolution  1%LEL  0.1%VoL  0.1ppm  1ppm 
Alarm Set Value  10%, 30%  19.5%, 18%  10ppm, 15ppm  50ppm, 150ppm 
Operating Temperature/ Humidity  -20 to 50 deg C, 30 to 85% RH (non-condensing) 
Battery Life  Up to 40 hours with 1 x AAA Battery (ON Long-Life Mode) 
Alarm Display  Buzzer, Flashing Red Lamp, Vibration, LCD 
Approvals  IP67, Ex ia IIC T3 
Functions  Self-diagnosis (sensor trouble), Automatic air adjustment, Battery level indicator, Peak-hold, Backlight, Mute buzzer, Time and temperature indication, Long-life mode, Data logging 
Accessories / Options  Safety pin band, 2 x filter elements 

Options (purchased separately): Data-logging kit, Leather case and Belt Clip 




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