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Cosmos NV Series, Multi-Point Gas Detection System for Comb Gas


Cosmos NV Series, Multi-Point Gas Detection System for Comb Gas

The NV-Series system is a versatile Multi-point Single gas detection system, available in 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 channel configurations. It features a wall or panel mounted Indicator/Alarm unit and offers both diffusion and suction type Gas Detector Heads. 

The Indicator/Alarm unit is equipped with a direct reading LCD with a backlight and provides a power supply to the gas detector heads. Additionally, the panel offers 2-stage voltage and digital outputs for easy connection to external devices and supervisory systems. Dual-alarm levels with audible and visual alerts enhance safety. 

The choice of Detector Head will depend on the monitored gas and application requirements (diffusion or suction). The NV Series offers various detector heads to suit various needs. 

Technical Data 

Power Supply: 85-264V AC External 

Alarm Output: 

  • Individual Alarm Contact: 1a No-voltage 
  • Individual Voltage Output: 0-6 12V DC (20mA or less) 
  • Collective Alarm Contact: 1c No-voltage 
  • Centralized Monitor Panel Output: 0-6 12V DC (20mA or less) 
  • External Buzzer Contact: 1a No-voltage 
  • External Buzzer Voltage Output: Intermittent voltage signal (12V DC, 10mA or less) 

Option Available: Backup battery allows continued operation of up to 30 minutes in case of a power failure. 

The NV Series Multi-Point Gas Detection System for Combustible Gas provides reliable and scalable gas monitoring capabilities. Its advanced features and comprehensive range of options ensure enhanced safety and protection in diverse industrial settings. 

Model  Target Gas  Range 
NV-500  LPG  0-100 %LEL 
NV-400  Town Gas (Natural Gas)  0-100 %LEL 
NV-410  Town Gas or Other Industrial Gases  As per specifications 
NV-600HS  Hydrogen and Other Combustibles  As per specifications