Flow Metering | PLEXOR Inspection System for Gas Metering and Pressure Regulating Stations

PLEXOR Test Device


PLEXOR Test Device

The PLEXOR Test Device offers a convenient and efficient solution for thoroughly testing the main components of a pressure regulating station. Its portability and user-friendly interface ensure a seamless testing process, yielding reliable and quantitative results. 

Connecting the PLEXOR device to the pressure regulating station is effortless, thanks to specially designed system couplings permanently installed in the stations. The test results are automatically stored in a handheld computer (PDA) or laptop without any intervention required from the inspector. 

Technical Data 

  • Pressure ranges: 0 to 16 bar and 0 to 100 bar 
  • Tests the set points of the components 
  • Checks the leak tightness (also quantitatively) 
  • Assesses the quality of operation 
  • No need for adjustments to the component settings 
  • Ensures reproducible tests 
  • Wireless communication with a PDA or laptop 
  • Durable and impact-resistant casing 
  • With the PLEXOR Test Device, you can confidently ensure the proper functioning of your pressure regulating station, detect potential issues and maintain optimal performance without any hassle.

Choose PLEXOR for precise and efficient testing, empowering your operations for the best results.