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KATRONIC KATflow 150 / Fixed / 10 to 6,500mm / Dual Channel


KATRONIC KATflow 150 / Fixed / 10 to 6,500mm / Dual Channel

The KATflow 150 epitomizes flexibility and performance, offering users extensive specifications and many configuration options. With its practical modular design and a wide variety of transducer types, this instrument caters to everything from simple water flow measurements to complex energy flow monitoring, automated process control, and product recognition applications. 

Technical Specifications 

  • Two flow measurement channels for enhanced versatility 
  • Lockable and sturdy IP66 enclosure ensuring robustness. 
  • Pipe diameter ranges from 10 mm to 6,500 mm, accommodating various pipelines. 
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +250°C, adapting to diverse temperature conditions 
  • Flow Velocity Range: 0.01 to 25m/s, providing precise flow data 
  • Accuracy Range: 0.25 to 25m/s, delivering reliable and accurate results 
  • Large internal data logger for extensive data storage 
  • RS 232 interface with an optional USB cable for seamless connectivity 
  • Communication options: RS 485, Modbus RTU, Profibus PA, and HART* compatible outputs, offering flexible integration 
  • Current, open-collector, and relay outputs for comprehensive functionality 
  • Current inputs for temperature (energy metering), pressure, and density compensation, ensuring comprehensive measurements 
  • Power Supply: 100..240VAC or 9..36VDC, battery (optional), providing flexible power options 

The KATflow 150 sets the standard for flow measurement excellence, delivering unparalleled flexibility and performance. With its dual flow measurement channels, you can handle complex flow scenarios or monitor two pipes simultaneously. 

The lockable and sturdy IP66 enclosure guarantees reliable performance and protection in various environments, ensuring the flowmeter remains robust and secure. 

With an extensive pipe diameter range and wide temperature and flow velocity ranges, the KATflow 150 is well-suited for a broad spectrum of applications, from basic water flow measurements to intricate energy flow monitoring and product recognition. 

Experience the convenience of the large internal data logger, which enables you to store and access vital data for analysis. The RS 232 interface and optional USB cable provide hassle-free data transfer and connectivity options. 

Furthermore, the KATflow 150 offers various communication options, including RS 485, Modbus RTU, Profibus PA, and HART* compatible outputs, ensuring seamless integration into your existing systems. 

For comprehensive measurements, take advantage of the current temperature, pressure, and density compensation inputs, providing a complete understanding of your flow processes. 

Choose your preferred power supply option, 100..240VAC or 9..36VDC, or opt for the battery (optional) to suit your specific power requirements.