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Cosmos XO-326IIs Drop-Type O2 Monitor – Portable Gas Detector


Cosmos XO-326IIs Drop-Type O2 Monitor – Portable Gas Detector

The XO-326IIs detectors are designed to ensure workers’ safety entering confined spaces, such as tanks, manholes, and tunnels, by verifying sufficient oxygen levels in these environments. 

The sensor is located at the end of the cord and directly measures the oxygen level without requiring a sampling pump. This unique feature allows the operator to read the detector from a safe location outside the test environment. 

Key Features 

  • Cord-based sensor for easy inspection of confined spaces 
  • Direct oxygen level measurement without a sampling pump 
  • Large-screen display for quick readings 
  • Alarms for gas detection and low battery voltage 

The XO-326IIs series is available in different models: 

  1. XO-326IIsA: 5-meter winding cord 
  2. XO-326IIsB: 1-meter cord 
  3. XO-326IIsC: 10-meter winding cord 

Technical Data 

Detection Range: 0-40% Vol 

Alarm Set Value: 18% Vol 

Dimensions (mm): W66 x H170 x D29 


  • Approx. 300g (ALA) 
  • Approx. 250g (ALB) 

Standard Accessories: 

  • Soft leather case 
  • 2 x AA Alkaline batteries 

Optional Accessories: 

  • Additional 5-meter extension cord (with storage bag) 

The XO-326IIs Drop-Type O2 Monitor is a reliable and convenient solution for ensuring the safety of workers entering confined spaces. Its accurate oxygen level measurements, easy-to-read display, and built-in alarms make it valuable for monitoring potentially hazardous environments. With various cord lengths available, the XO-326IIs can be adapted to suit different applications and testing scenarios.