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Cosmos XP-3380II Portable O2 Monitor – Portable Gas Detector


Cosmos XP-3380II Portable O2 Monitor – Portable Gas Detector

The XP-3380II detectors are compact and lightweight, designed to provide quick and accurate gas concentration readings of Oxygen. The full-color LCD, with a backlight feature, shows digital and analog readings for easy and fast interpretation. 

Key Features 

  • Measuring Range: The XP-3380II detector can measure Oxygen concentrations in the 0 – 25 % VOL range. 
  • Powerful Built-in Sampling Pump: Equipped with a robust built-in sampling pump, the XP-3380II can draw air samples from up to 30 meters. 
  • Extended Battery Life: The detector’s extended battery life allows continuous usage of up to 30 hours. 
  • Robust Housing and Accessories: The detector’s housing is designed to withstand demanding environments. It has a quick-connect sampling hose, probe, and dust/moisture trap for reliable performance. 
  • Audible and Visual Alarms: Audible and visual alarms provide immediate alerts in case of deviations in Oxygen concentrations. 
  • Full-Color LCD: The full-color LCD enhances the visibility and readability of the gas concentration readings. 
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The XP-3380II includes Bluetooth connectivity, enabling mobile phones or PCs connection. A free mobile app is available for real-time monitoring and data logging. 

The XP-3380II detector is part of the XP-3300II Series, offering other models in single and dual-gas versions with simultaneous displays. 

Technical Data

Dimensions (in mm): W91 x H164 x D44 

Weight: 460g (about 1.01 lb.), including batteries 

Standard Accessories: 

  • Soft Case 
  • 4 x AA Alkaline batteries 
  • 1m Gas Sampling Hose 
  • Probe with Filter/Moisture Trap 
  • Spare Filters 


  • Extendable (Telescopic) Sampling Probe 
  • Data Logging 
  • In-built Correlation Factors for Multi-Gas Applications 
  • AC Adaptor 

The XP-3380II Portable O2 Monitor provides reliable and accurate Oxygen concentration measurements. Its compact design, powerful sampling pump, and Bluetooth connectivity make it an ideal solution for applications requiring Oxygen monitoring. The included mobile app allows for convenient real-time monitoring and data recording. 

Model  Gas Detected  Range 
XP-3310II  Combustibles  0-100% LEL 
XP-3360II  Combustibles  0-5000ppm
XP-3360II-W  Combustibles  0-100% LEL
(enable to display in ppm) 
XP-3380II  Oxygen  0-25% Vol 
XP-3318II  Combustibles & Oxygen  0-100% LEL
0-25% Vol 
XP-3368II  Combustibles & Oxygen  0-5000ppm
0-25% Vol 
XP-3368II-W  Combustibles & Oxygen  0-100% LEL
(enable to display in ppm)
0-25% Vol 
XP-3340II  Flammable gas / Carbon Dioxide / Inert Gas  0-100% Vol