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Cosmos XO-2200 for Oxygen Personal Gas Detector


Cosmos XO-2200 for Oxygen Personal Gas Detector

XO-2200 for Oxygen 

The XO-2200 Personal Gas Monitor is a rugged and compact detector weighing only 75g and 22mm (about 0.87 in) thick. It is specifically designed to provide personal protection against oxygen deficiency. 

Key Features 

  • Sensor Replacement Capability: The detectors are designed for easy sensor replacement, reducing long-term ownership costs compared to similar detectors with limited-service life (up to 2 years). 
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption: The XO-2200 can operate continuously for up to 5,000 hours (about 7 months) with one AAA alkaline battery. 
  • Part of the XX-2200 Series: The XO-2200 detector is part of the XX-2200 Series, offering other models available in single and dual-gas versions with simultaneous display. 

Technical Data 

Standard Features: 

  • Audible, visual, and vibration alarms for prompt notifications. 
  • Battery life display for easy monitoring. 
  • Peak hold and peak value memory function for accurate data recording. 

Dimensions: W65 x D22 x H64 

Weight: Approximately 75g 

Optional Accessories: 

  • Leather covers are available for both standard and high-temperature applications. 
  • Helmet clips for added convenience and mobility. 
Model  Gas Detected 
XO-2200  O2 
XC-2200  CO 
XS-2200  H2S 
XOC-2200  O2 + CO 
XOS-2200  O2 + H2S