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Sensus iPerl Electromagnetic Flowmeter / PN16 / DN15 to DN40


Sensus iPerl Electromagnetic Flowmeter / PN16 / DN15 to DN40

iPerl®, the next-generation, high-performance, solid-state smart water meter designed for unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. These innovative meters have integrated bi-directional communications capability, enabling seamless data transmission and analysis. 

Key Features 

  1. Sustained accuracy: iPerl meters utilize unique technology, ensuring exceptional and sustained accuracy over their operational life of up to 15 years. 
  2. Non-Revenue Water Reduction: With a low-flow measurement capability of 1 liter per hour, iPerl helps utilities reduce non-revenue water, optimizing water management systems. 
  3. Granular Data: These meters can be programmed to provide highly detailed data at 15-minute intervals, identifying customer-side leaks and managing distribution networks more efficiently. 
  4. Efficiency and Billing: The wealth of data empowers water utilities to conserve water, provide accurate billing to customers, and inform them about leaks, fraud, or unusual usage patterns. 

Technical Data 

  • High Measurement Accuracy: Offers R800 metrology through all meter sizes (DN15 to DN40) 
  • Expected Operational Life: Up to 15 years, depending on communication frequency 
  • High Sampling Rate: Achieved with low battery consumption 
  • Integrated Bi-Directional Communication: Supports both AMR and AMI systems 
  • Two Low-Power, Public-Spectrum Radio Systems 
  • OMS Certified 
  • Data Logger: Stores up to 2880 parameters 
  • Alarm Functions: Enhances meter management and leak detection 
  • Tamperproof and Fraud Resistant: Ensures data integrity and accuracy 
  • Zero-Lead Construction: Compliant with safety and regulatory standards 

EU Design-Examination Certificate in conformity with:  

  • 2014/32/EU (MID) 
  • 2014/53/EU (MID) 
  • EN 14154-4:2014 
  • ISO 4064:2017 
  • OIML R49:2013 

Drinking Water Approvals:  

  • ACS (F) 
  • KIWA (NL) 
  • KTW/DVGW (D) 
  • WRAS (UK)