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Cosmos XOS-2200 for Oxygen & Hydrogen Sulfide Personal Gas Detector


Cosmos XOS-2200 for Oxygen & Hydrogen Sulfide Personal Gas Detector

The XOS-2200 Personal Gas Monitor is a rugged and compact detector weighing only 75g and 22mm (about 0.87 in) thick. It is specifically designed for personal protection against oxygen deficiency and the harmful effects of hydrogen sulfide (toxic gas). 

Key Features 

  • Sensor Replacement Capability: The detectors are designed to allow easy replacement of sensors, reducing long-term ownership costs compared to similar detectors in the market with limited serviceable life (up to 2 years). 
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption: The XOS-2200 can operate continuously for up to 5,000 hours (about 7 months) with one AAA alkaline battery. 
  • Part of the XX-2200 Series: The XOS-2200 detector is part of the XX-2200 Series, offering other models available in single and dual-gas versions with simultaneous display. 


Technical Data 

Standard Features: 

  • Audible, visual, and vibration alarms for prompt notifications. 
  • Battery life display for easy monitoring. 
  • Peak hold and peak value memory function for accurate data recording. 

Dimensions: W65 x D22 x H64 

Weight: Approximately 75g 

Optional Accessories: 

  • Leather covers are available for both standard and high-temperature applications. 
  • Helmet clips for added convenience and mobility. 
Model  Gas Detected 
XO-2200  O2 
XC-2200  CO 
XS-2200  H2S 
XOC-2200  O2 + CO 
XOS-2200  O2 + H2S