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Sensus Cordonel Ultrasonic Flowmeter / DN40 to DN100


Sensus Cordonel Ultrasonic Flowmeter / DN40 to DN100

Experience the high-performance Cordonel Ultrasonic Flowmeter, designed to streamline water distribution network management while delivering accurate and reliable data in any installation or environmental condition. 

Key Features 

  1. Advanced Ultrasonic Technology: This meter provides precise low and high-flow data in real-time using cutting-edge ultrasonic technology and a Sensus communication network. 
  2. Maintenance-Free Meter: With a solid-state design and no moving parts, Cordonel offers a patent-pending flow tube with no obstructions, ensuring a maintenance-free operational lifetime. 
  3. Installation Flexibility: Cordonel offers U0D0 installation flexibility, requiring no upstream or downstream pipe, even behind a 90° bend. It can be installed in horizontal and vertical pipe orientations. 
  4. Constant Accuracy: The meter maintains constant accuracy over its lifetime, with no degradation as components age. 

Technical Data 

  • Predicted Battery Lifetime: Up to 20 years under standard usage conditions 
  • Patent-Pending Flow Tube: Offers optimum flow conditioning for precise measurements 
  • Three Measurement Channels: Capture virtually all water flow data 
  • LCD Display: Provides consumption, flow, temperature, pressure (optional), and status information 
  • Integrated Radio Communication and Data Logger 
  • License-Free Radio Frequency: 433 or 868 MHz with secure 128-bit encrypted data transmission 
  • NFC Wireless Interface: For easy readout of the last volume reading 
  • Optional Pulse Output: Programmable pulse modes, values, and lengths for added versatility 
  • IP68 Protection Class: The meter can be submerged in water 
  • MID Pattern Approval according to annex MI001 

Available Options:  

  • Integrated Pressure Sensor 
  • Radio Communication on Alternative Frequencies 

Cordonel sizes range from DN40 (1 1/2″) to DN 300 (12″), making it suitable for various commercial, industrial, and agricultural settings. 

The Cordonel Ultrasonic Flowmeter conforms to international standards, including OIML R49:2013 and ISO 4064:2014, and has approvals for potable water usage, such as KTW/DVGW, WRAS, ACS, and KIWA.