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KATRONIC KATflow 100 / Fixed / 10 to 3,000mm / Single Channel


KATRONIC KATflow 100 / Fixed / 10 to 3,000mm / Single Channel

The KATflow 100 is a reliable and compact clamp-on ultrasonic flow transmitter specifically designed for permanent installation and flow measurement on single pipes. Its robust and practical design ensures long-term performance, while its simplified specification and various transducer options make it cost-effective. 

The KATflow 100’s versatility and user-friendly operation make it an excellent solution for large projects and customized applications, meeting the specific needs of different customers. 

Technical Specifications 

  • Pipe diameters range from 10 mm to 3,000 mm, catering to various pipe sizes 
  • One flow measurement channel for straightforward usage 
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +80°C, accommodating diverse temperature conditions 
  • Flow Velocity Range: 0.01 to 25m/s, ensuring accurate flow measurements 
  • Accuracy Range: 0.25 to 25m/s, providing reliable data 
  • Power Supply: 100..240VAC or 9..36VDC, offering flexible installation options 
  • Modbus RTU, Current, open-collector, Relay, and HART Compatible outputs for seamless integration 
  • PT100 inputs for heat quantity measurement, delivering comprehensive insights 
  • Optional blind transmitter with hand-held programming tool for large orders, streamlining customization 
  • Wall or pipe mounted for convenient placement 
  • Large internal data logger for extensive data storage 

The KATflow 100 is ideal for permanent flow measurement on single pipes, offering durability and efficiency. Its wide pipe diameter range covers various pipe sizes, making it suitable for diverse industries and applications. 

Its single flow measurement channel ensures uncomplicated usage, making it an excellent option for projects of any scale. The instrument’s broad temperature and flow velocity ranges also guarantee precise and reliable flow data. 

Choose your preferred power supply option, 100..240VAC or 9..36VDC, to adapt the KATflow 100 to your specific installation requirements. 

This flow transmitter integrates seamlessly into your existing systems with multiple output options, including Modbus RTU, Current, open-collector, Relay, and HART Compatible outputs. 

For large orders and customized solutions, the optional blind transmitter with a hand-held programming tool provides enhanced convenience and efficiency. 

Whether wall-mounted or pipe-mounted, the KATflow 100 ensures easy installation to suit your needs.