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M Rotameters/ 1/2″ to 2″


M Rotameters/ 1/2″ to 2″

The M series rotameters are heavy-duty flow meters encased in a durable brushed stainless-steel case with thick polycarbonate safety shields. These robust rotameters are specifically designed for industrial applications, offering precise flow rate measurements for air and water. 

With their sturdy construction and enclosed design, the M series rotameters are well-suited for demanding industrial environments, ensuring safe and reliable operation. Whether for monitoring air or water flow, these rotameters provide accurate and direct reading through their graduated scale. 

Technical Data 

Connection Size(inch)  Pmax(psi)  Qmax(Air)  Qmax(Water) 
½” NPTF  200  8.5 SCFM  8.2 l/min 
1” NPTF  200  90 SCFM  90 l/min 
2” NPTF  125  245 SCFM  439 l/min